About us

Property development and construction done the Wright Way

Wright Investments is a nationwide property development and construction company with over 30 years’ experience. We regularly work with land owners, banks, investors, funders and local authorities to plan, develop and sell high-quality commercial and residential property.

Initially launched as a private investment vehicle for founder Colin Wright in the early 1990s, Wright Investments has grown strategically into a one-stop-shop for a variety of investment

partners. With circa 70 full-time staff including architects, planners, project managers and construction workers, we can deliver every aspect of a development project in-house.

This enables us to maximise value for our investors and, due to the structure of our business, we also have the ability to respond quickly to development opportunities as and when they arise. With a reputation in the industry for being people of our word, we represent an experienced, agile partner for any investor seeking stability during these volatile times in the property market.


From Sponsoring Doncaster Rovers to any new updates in our company, keep up to date with Wright Investments.


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Wright Investments can help you maximise your return on investment in commercial or residential property including buy-to-let. Find out how.