Invest With Us

Helping you maximise your return on investment

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a first-timer looking to get more return than the stocks and savings markets can offer, we can help. Our developments provide a range of opportunities, from buying off-plan for a fixed rate to guaranteeing a percentage for those with a higher appetite for risk.

Risk can be a scary word where your finances are concerned but we can help you keep it to a minimum. Wright Investments has been in the development game for over 30 years. Our business has been built on canny investment and we pride ourselves on being able to open up great opportunities for you to maximise your return on investment via our developments.

We handle every aspect of a property project, from buying the land and designing the buildings through to planning, project management, construction and sale. That means we don’t have to pay a mark-up at any stage, which allows us to maximise the value of every development so that you

can enjoy a greater share of the profits.


Whatever your appetite for risk, we can match you to a development that suits your particular needs, in terms of risk, return and timescales. All you need to do is get in touch.