We Buy Land

Helping landowners develop land for profit and peace of mind

There are lots of considerations when it comes to selling or leasing land. It’s usually a great opportunity to do a lucrative deal, securing yourself a lump sum or regular income that can in some cases set you up for life.

However, we understand that there will be other things on your mind. Whether it’s a historic attachment to the land or a fear over what impact a new development may have on your

neighbours or surrounding area, we can help you plan a development that is sympathetic to the environment and any key stakeholders.

Perhaps you’re even further back in your thinking. You’re not sure if your land would get planning permission, or how on earth you’d go about navigating the maze of regulations? With over 30 years’ experience developing property on every conceivable kind of site, our experienced planning and project management teams can guide you.


Property is our passion. We love breathing new life into disused sites and can help you improve your financial position while remaining sensitive to any other concerns you may have. All you need to do get in touch.